2. Jade's Bookshelf. About "The Easiest"

...I was blown away from the start. There is a subtle genius about the style of writing and the voice of the main character, Blanca. Her phrases seem simple on the surface, but actually hold an incredible amount of philosophical weight and makes you stop in your tracks when reading.

I read this book with a pencil in my hand, as it soon became apparent that there were so many quotes that I would want to revisit, and I didn’t want to lose them. Some of the quotes are rare gems, and reading them I feel like I want to share them with everyone and say “read this! You cannot be living your life day by day and not read this! Trust me!”

I trust this book. I trust the writing and I trust Blanca...




1. Virginija Cibarauskė about "Glesum"

Virginija Cibarauskė. A Somewhat Ironical Novel About the Aestii

...Aškinytė’s fourth novel, Glesum, is an attempt at a new genre in her context. In Latin, the title of the novel means amber, a commodity that the Aestii people depicted in the novel traded with the Roman Empire in the second and third centuries. Glesum is also the name of one of the novel’s female protagonists. The period described is a time of prosperity for the Aestii tribes. Not much is known about the life of these tribes, but historians assume that the social order of the Aestii was close to matriarchal. That is why women are chosen as the main characters of the novel: Glesum, a slave brought from the Roman Empire by the tribal chief Gondas, his ambitious wife Selija, who is jealous of his new woman, and the sorceress of the tribe called “the woman with the wolf-picked leg” by everyone...