Almost frogs

Kronta, 2009

Translated by Jura Avizienis. Pictures by Paulius Juodišius


Available only in video version

Part I. There Are Whales in Our Pond!

One ordinary  summer morning, the most ordinary summer morning, on the shore of the most ordinary pond, the most ordinary story took place.

Two friends, Bigger and Littler, were paddling around the pond in search of a bite to eat. The most ordinary Pike swam past them as she did any other morning.  But on that day, maybe because it was such a clear day, or maybe because Pike was more curious than usual, she spotted the two friends.

“It’s a miracle! There are whales in our pond!” said the Pike.  “But they seem to be a special, smaller type of whale.”

“Are we whales? The Littler friend asked his Bigger friend.

“No, we’re frogs.”The Bigger one answered.

“Say what you may, but I know a frog when I see one.  And you don’t look anything like a frog,” said the Pike.  “Whales, I’ve only seen in books.  But I’m not mistaken.  You are whales.”