An interview based on Oscar Wilde's questionnaire


Color? Golden and I like gold itself too :)

Flower? Unpicked.

A tree? Cactus. Maybe it's not a tree, but in nature cactuses are so high. It's hard to believe that  cactus is a flower.

Natural object? Mountains. It can be a pile of trash, only the height of the pile matters.

Season of year? All four are not bad.

Smell? When Lena, in the Visby writers house, sets a fire in the hearth. 

Precious stone? Feldspar. You may say it’s not a precious stone, but its precious for me.

Man's name? Mani. In Icelandic it means " moon”. In Lithuanian we have the name “sun”, but we don’t have the name “moon”. It is sad that we underestimate the moon :)

Feminine name? Rasa would be a nice name, but it’s too common in my country. " Rasa " in Swedish means "break through”, in Maltese –“dried tobacco”, in Hindu theology – “a mythical river and dance”, in Sanskrit –“moisture, emotions, taste, enjoyment of existence”, in Farsi – “active”.

Artists? Dale Chihuly , and many others, working with glass.

Musicians? Pythagoras and his followers. I don’t know if they played well, but they thought a lot about the essence of music, created a theory of harmony theory, the system of seven notes, they “counted" music. For them, music was not just music, it was a harmony of spheres. The planets and stars moved according to mathematical equations, which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony.

Sculpture? Pissing boy in Brussels. I like not the sculpture itself, but that they put on him different clothes for different occasions, making him to become one of us. Reviving sculptures – its fascinating and intimidating at the same time.

Poets? Lorca and Rimas Burokas.

Poetess? Akhmatova and Agne Žagrakalytė .

Prose writers? Chukchi people. Now, I read fairy tales from Chukotka. Every fairytale is a surprise :)

Novel character? Some third-rate character, completely blurred, hardly mentioned in few lines.  Such characters illustrates the human essence.

In history...? Mahatma Gandhi. He reached most of his aims by starvation. The only thing I 'm getting of starving - bad mood. I always wonder with admiration  - how strong Gandhi was to do all this peaceful fight against aggression and win?

Which era would you choose to live in? If just for wondering, all times are interesting. But for living–only now. None of the previous eras was so good as our, and who knows if the future will be better?

Where would you like to live? In Mariana Trench, 10 kilometers under water (if amoeba and jellyfish would accept me).

The greatest pleasure? To day-dream and night-dream. Both states do not differ from one another very much.

Which man's feature do you like most? Beauty.

Which woman’s feature do you like most? Mind.

What is the feature you don’t like in people? When they are achromatic. When I meet someone and in five minutes cant remember, nor who he or she was, nor what they said.

If you would be not you, then who would you like to be? I am almost all the time not me.

What makes you suffer? Lack of space within me and around me.

World most charming words? We'll do it next time.

The saddest words? We'll do it next time.